Advanced Website

One complete package, one fixed price, unlimited service

£299 one-time setup. ₤149 per month.

A website built to help you attract visitors and capture leads

At WPLENSE we establish your website as the center of your digital universe. It’s the anchor, the foundation, the glue that holds everything together. Any investment you make in online marketing be it advertising, social media, or search optimization has got to start and end with your website. That’s just the way it works, and we make sure it works well.

Mobile friendly

Fully responsive, which means all your pages look great and convert your visitors no matter the device.

Sell anything, anywhere

From physical products and digital downloads to subscriptions, set up an online store to sell worldwide.

Homepages that tell a story

From top to bottom engaging homepages tell your story, and convert your visitors to action.

Secure and reliable

Our site & stores adhere to WordPress’s top coding standards, and we work hard to ensure your site & store remain safe.

Built on WordPress and WooCommerce

Having your website on the world’s leading CMS ensures your site is simple to edit, loads in a flash and is easy for the search engines to find.

Detailed analytics at your finger tip

We set up Google Analytics right so you always understand how your website is performing and what your visitors are doing.

Landing pages

We can build and manage optimized landing and thank you pages to aid with your inbound marketing campaigns.

SEO optimized

Code that search engines love: microformats, easily crawlable site architecture.

Support & Maintenance

Your very own project manager will work closely with you to make sure your website goals are realized.
If you can send an email, you can log a service request with WPLENSE. Go ahead, ask us anything!
Get help, answers or advice when you need it. We’re available to deal with the majority of support requests from 2pm Sunday to 3pm Friday.


No templates! Stand out from the crowd with a completely customized website design based on your ideas and preferences.
We’ll find images that tell a story about your brand and do all the searching, licensing and retouching of the perfect stock photos for you.
Let your personality shine! We’ll never lock you in to a rigid, cookie cutter template structure.

Analytics & Reporting

Seeing how much traffic arrives at your site, where that traffic comes from and how those visitors behave on your site can help you drastically improve future marketing efforts.

Functionality & Extensions

You and your users can blog, create/edit pages and manage other easy-to-use plugins. (Of course, we’re more than happy to do this for you!)
Increase customer confidence with our managed FAQ-style content in an easy to digest accordion style format.
Restrict pages or entire sections to logged in members.
Have 2 or 200 locations? No problem! Easily manage multiple locations including features such as location search and Google map embeds.

Encourage prospective customers to get in touch with everything from basic inquiry forms to complex, multi-page forms with conditional logic.

Reliable Hosting

Your ‘bulletproofed’ website will look great and perform fantastically on all browsers, operating systems and mobile devices.

If you or your team have used WordPress before and want to update pages or add blog posts it’ll be a seamless transition.

Your website will look great thanks to responsive web design which allows web pages to respond to the width of browser. 

Improve your rankings with testimonials and addresses that use microformats that search engines love and can better understand.

You’ll be able to integrate with just about any 3rd party embed or iFrame tool. If you have something in mind just ask!

Fully managed WordPress upgrades

We’re always watching your website so we’ll know about, and fix any, issues before your visitors even realize.

If there’s a functionality you want that we don’t have yet, just let us know. We’re always developing and adding new features based on what you need.


With this plan you will get additional mock ups of select inner pages

Take and manage your orders (less than 200 SKUs)

Access to our 5 most popular payment gateways

Create a billing management system by taking regular payments from your customers and easily manage your subscribers (Max 50 subscription plans)

Add membership tiers to your site, offer members discounts and special offers or create member only areas on your sites (Max 50 member plans)

Add events and sell tickets from your site (Max 10 events)

We help get your site secured with an SSL connection

Startup Process:

  1. Sign up and complete our onboarding survey.
  2. We’ll review your details and assign you to a dedicated project manager and cross-functional web team.
  3. The magic starts happening. We kick off a number of parallel tasks to start developing your new website. We’ll reach out to you if anything needs clarification or if we have any questions.
  4. Our creative team will design and develop a completely customized home page based on your preferences. The process begins with a creative brief, to image sourcing, to a design mockup. Once your mockup is complete your project manager will reach out via our helpdesk for you to review. This process generally takes about 7 days after we begin the project.
  5. We will use any content of your existing site or ask you to get us the textual content for each and every section. It is critical that you work closely with your project manager to get us what we need in time to make sure that the project is finished withing shortest period of time.
  6. Based on your feedback, we can continue to create mockup revisions if necessary. Once you’re happy, we’ll get started with mobile optimization and testing.
  7. When the new home page has been implemented and all inner page are ready, we’ll send you your preview site to review. Depending on revisions and complexity of the project this generally takes about 3-4 weeks.
  8. From here you’ll have the option to submit revisions and feedback through our helpdesk or directly on the preview website though an easy to use, front-end bug tracking tool.
  9. We’ll work on these revisions with you as long as it takes until you’re satisfied.
  10. When you’re ready to go live, just give us the “green light” and we’ll send you the necessary instructions to update your DNS records. Once you do, your new website should be live on the Internet in about an hour or two!


Just because your new website’s live doesn’t mean our work is finished. After launch, our team is standing by 24 hours a day, 5 days a week to support you!

£299 one-time setup. ₤149 per month.

Here we have answer to your most common questions.

What do you do to differentiate me from my competitors?
We don’t use rigid templates or themes. Our website platform allows us to create customized designs to share your unique story. After you go live, if you ever find a competitor has a similar website we can work with you to change it until you’re satisfied.

How long does it take until I go live?
Most sites are up and running in 4-6 weeks. Some take a little longer, depending on how many revisions are requested and the complexity of the  project. Our recommendation is to go live as soon as you can and make changes later. The Website Package allows you to make unlimited number of changes so you have plenty of time to get it right.

What happens if I cancel?
There are no contracts – you can cancel at anytime. If you have been with WPLENSE for twelve consecutive months or more, when you cancel your subscription, you can take all website content, blog articles, graphic designs, webpage layout and rendered HTML/CSS. We do not however provide the underlying WordPress theme code, plugins or database files.

What People Think About Us

Its nice to know someone who really cares about customer service. Your company is outstanding and I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me. I am telling all my friends, co-workers, family members, and the like about your company’s services, the great price you offer, and the unbelievable support you give. I have nothing but good things to say about WPLENSE.

Thank You; and I will stay in touch.

Amazing Services and outstanding support! The Support  team at WPLENSE have done what I have seldom seen a webdev do before: create stuff that works great out of the box and stand behind their work with help for any and all questions you may have about their products. Great job, WPLENSE! I have already recommended your services to several friends and will continue to do so!

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